Sidock Architects

Mechanical Engineering

Sidock's Mechanical Engineering Team provides Clients with technical expertise in the engineering, design, construction, and testing of mechanical piping/equipment, fire protection, HVAC, automation, and equipment for power plants, steel mills, energy generation, processing plants, commercial, healthcare, education, military and many other market sectors. Our highly experienced Engineers and Designers are experts in their fields and can provide quality mechanical system and equipment engineering, design, and analysis for your project.

Mechanical Equipment Engineering, Specification, and Design
• Heat Exchangers
• Condensers
• Scrubbers
• Pumps
• Fans
• Ash Handling Systems
• Heavy Equipment Engineering
• Reactor Vessels
• HVAC Systems
• Ventilation


Machine and System Engineering Conveying Systems
• Machine Evaluation, Repair,
   and Upgrades
• Manufacturing Simulation
   Modeling (FLEXSIM)
• 3D Modeling, Motion Simulation
   Modeling and Analysis (FEA,
   Force, Velocity, Displacement,
   and C.G.)
• Material Handling Machine
• Crane Load Rating Upgrade
• Below Hook Lifting Devices
• Process Equipment Machine


Inspection Services
• API 570 Authorized Piping
• Steam Piping System
• Sound Testing (Steam Traps,
   Compressed Air Leak
   Survey, and Bearings)
• Material Failure Investigation
   and Analysis
• Manufacturing Time Studies
• Material Handling Machinery

rooftop mechanical unit
  engineering schematic