Sidock Architects

Engineered Lift Planning and Rigging Services

Sidock has over 30 years of experience in providing custom start to finish engineered lift plans and rigging engineering services.

• Project specific, innovative
   customized solutions
• Industry and regulatory
   standards compliance
• Single and multiple crane lift
• Onsite visits for detailed layout
   and condition analysis
• Crane sizing and selection
• Jobsite and crane location
   layout design
• Load weight, integrity, and
   stability analysis
• Lift lug and connection points
   analysis and design


• Advanced rigging configuration
• Custom lifting device design
• Jobsite ingress/egress and
   transport route planning
• Crane erection and mobilization
• Crane lift interference and
   collision detection
• Ground bearing pressure
   analysis and crane mat design
• Crane lift and jobsite supervision
• Vessels
• Heat exchangers
• Process Towers and Stacks
• Reactors and Boilers


• Turbo Blowers
• Heaters
• Conveyor galleries
• Substations
• Modular bridge spans
• Ductwork
• Trusses and Modular Buildings
• Pipe racks
• Pipe trestle
• Hydraulic cranes
• Overhead cranes
• Flare stacks
• Storage tanks
• Man baskets
• Compressors
• Precast concrete

beam and chains
  hoisting heavy equipment