Sidock Architects

Gas Utility Engineering

With a highly trained and qualified Professional Staff of Engineers and Designers, Sidock has decades of experience in providing engineering, design, and commissioning services for natural gas pipeline, distribution, and facilities. Our Team can also provide operations and technical design services, operations consulting, engineering, technical design, and commissioning services for natural gas utility systems.

• Pipeline Transmission, Distribution,
   and Facilities
• Operations Engineering
• Supplemental Services
• Engineering and Design
• Permitting, Procurement,
   and Purchase Specification
• Inspection and System Analysis
• Segment Prioritization "As-Built"
   Documents and Base/Facility
• Project and Construction
• Site Evaluation and Acquisition
• Procedure Development and


• Planning Integrity Management
   Field Operations
• Civil Engineering
• Environmental Engineering
• Storage Field Pipeline Gathering
• Gas Conditioning Processes
   (Filtration and Dehydration)
• Pipeline Interconnections and
• New and Replacement Pipelines
   and Commissioning
• Pipeline Assessments and
   Modifications for "Piggability"
• Pig Launcher and Receiver
• Up-Rating Studies, Plans, and


• City Gate, Change of Custody,
   and District Regulator Stations
• Accelerated Cast Iron and Bare
   Steel Distribution Main
• Replacement Programs
• Public Improvement Projects,
   System Expansion, and
   Reinforcement Projects
• Pipeline Cleaning, Testing,
   and Pigging
• Valve Maintenance
• Third Party Coordination
• Planned Outages
• Emergency Outages and
   Forensic Investigations
• Emergency Response Planning
• Weld Procedures

gas utility pipeline
  gas utility pipeline