Sidock Architects

Environmental Engineering

With a highly trained and qualified Professional Staff of Engineers and Designers, Sidock has decades of experience in providing environmental consulting services to Industry. From power generation to private manufacturing Clients, Sidock can provide a host of services to help guide you through the maze of environmental regulations and approval processes.

• Air, Water and Stormwater
   Expertise for Permitting,
   Compliance, and Reporting
• Air, Water and Waste Regulatory
• New Source Review (NSR) Permits
• NPDES Permits and Industrial
   Wastewater Indirect Discharge
• Title V Permits (ROP)
• Assistance meeting MACT
      Start-up, Shutdown and
      Malfunction and O-M plans


• Annual Emission Reporting
• Process Safety Management and
   Process Hazard Analysis
• Hazardous Waste Management
   (40 CFR Part 260-270) and RCRA
   Contingency Plans
• Design and Installation of Control
   Equipment for VOC and
• Design and Implementation of
   Process Modifications to Recycle,
   Recover, or Reduce Wastes,
   Effluents, or Emissions


• UST and AST Management and
• Compliance Audits for
   Environmental, Health and Safety
• Pollution Prevention Assistance
   at the Source as well as
• Spill Prevention, SPCC, PIPP and
• Environmental Site Assessments
• SARA Title III Reporting
• TSCA Reporting
• ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
   Implementation and Auditing

gas flare burning
  industrial stack