Sidock Architects

E.O.T. Crane Engineering

Sidock has decades of experience involving overhead crane interactions with the supporting structures.  We can also provide crane upgrade studies involving both existing and new systems.  We are involved with, and stay active in, various professional organizations such as the American Institute of Steel Technology (AIST) to stay abreast of industry changes and the latest technologies and methods.

• Structural assessment of runway
• Structural assessment of E.O.T.
• Structural analysis of existing
   crane systems
• Structural analysis of existing
   and new crane buildings
• Failure analysis and forensic


• Crane commissioning and
   de-commissioning assistance
• Crane squaring verifications
• Upgrade analysis of structures
   as old as 100 years
• Structural assessment of
   runways, buildings and cranes
• On site assistance during
   crane erection


• Runway Alignment Surveys,
   including Crane Camber
• E.O.T. Crane Runway Expansion
• Engineering ranging from
   30-ton to 450-ton capacity
• Crane Positioning Systems

overhead crane
  crane hoist