Sidock Architects

Demolition and Dismantling Engineering

Sidock can provide complete engineering services for demolition, dismantling, new construction, and erection projects. We can also provide engineering support and/or owner representation on site during all phases of work.

• Full discipline engineering staff
• Process safety management
• Regulatory and permit
• Field engineering
• Project status reports covering
   cost, schedule, safety, and
   quality control
• Project management
• Construction management
• Development of bid package
   work scopes


• Milestone and complete project
   scheduling including interfacing
   bidding, procurement, expediting,
   cost control, quality assurance,
   job safety, and commissioning
• Bidder qualification
• Solicitation of competitive bids
• Bid evaluation and purchase
• Equipment and service purchase
   order preparation


• Engineered Lift Planning and
   Rigging Services
• Building Demolition
• Equipment Demolition
• Building/Process
• Demolition Sequencing
• Stability Analysis
• As-built Documentation

building demolition
  building demolition