Sidock Architects

Civil Engineering

Sidock has a highly experienced group of Civil Engineers capable of handling virtually any type of project.  We provide a wide breadth of services to all market sectors.

• Site Engineering and Design
• Residential Development
• Specialized Foundation
• Storm Water Management
• Land Development
• Sanitary and Storm Sewer System
• Slope and Excavation Stability
• Excavations and Cofferdams
• Tank Settlement Surveys
• Municipal Wells and Water


• Rural and Urban Street Design
• Storm Drainage
• Storm Sewer Design
• Detention / Retention Ponds
• Sanitary Sewer Design
• Water Main Design
• Construction Management,
   Engineering, and Observation
• Grading Design
• Parking Lot Design
• Landscape Design
• Water Reliability Studies
• Water and Sewer Rate Studies
• Water Distribution System Design


• Corridor Enhancement Design
• Park and Recreation Studies
   and Design
• WWTP Instrumentation and
• Site Development Review
• Due Care Plans
• Underground Storage Tank
• Hazardous Waste Facilities
• Zoning and Ordinance Reviews
• Site Utilities:
   Electric - Gas - Cable

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