Sidock Architects

Alternative Energy Engineering

Sidock has rapidly become recognized, industry wide, for alternative energy project engineering. With vast expertise in heavy industrial, chemical, process, and heavy utility engineering, Sidock is an obvious choice as a project Partner for any alternative energy project.

• Biodigester Projects
• Biogas Utilization
• Energy Balances
• Biofuel Processing
• Combined Heat and Power
• Generator Installations
• Underground Biogas Piping
• Biomass Storage and Transfer
• Biomass Combustion
• Spill Containment Structures
• Concrete Foundation Designs
• USDA Technical Service Provider
   for Manure and Wastewater


• Handling and Storage
• USDA Technical Service Provider
   for Waste Utilization - Energy
• Piping Designs
• Process Heating
• Instrumentation and Controls
• Control Integration and Logic
• Air and Water Regulatory Permits
• Equipment Building Designs
• Ancillary Equipment Provisions
• Solids Separation Equipment


• Storage Tank Design
• Building Heat and Ventilation
• Bio-Digester Plants
• Animal Waste
• Mixed Organic Waste
• Packaged Food Waste
• CNG Vehicle Re-fueling Stations
• Bio-Fuel Systems and Facilities
• Alternative and Standard Fueled
   On-Site Generation
• Micro-turbine Projects
• Grid Interconnect Agreements

dairy farm bio plant
  a couple of happy cows