Sidock Architects

Annapolis School District
High School Pool Reconstruction
and Reroofing
Dearborn, Michigan

Center Line Public Schools
2002 Bond Issue

Multiple Additions, Renovations
and New Facilities
Center Line, Michigan

Gibraltar School District
Gibraltar, Michigan
• Carlson High School Concession
• Carlson High School Grandstands
• Carlson High School Press Box
• Weiss & Barrow Elementary Feasibility
• Window Replacements


Grosse Ile School District
Grosse Ile, Michigan
• Administration Building Renovation
• Athletic Storage Building
• Auditorium Renovation
• Bus Garage
• Bus Garage Addition
• High School Concession Building

Hoover Junior High School
Concession Building
Taylor, Michigan

Lamphere Schools
1997 Bond Issue

Renovations and Additions at 7 Facilities
Madison Heights, Michigan

L'Anse Creuse Public Schools
1988 Bond Issue

Renovations and Additions at 16 Facilities
Mt. Clemens, Michigan


Lansing School District
New Computer and Electrical Room
Lansing, Michigan

Lincoln Park School District
Lincoln Park, Michigan
• High School Press Box
• High School Renovation
• Keppen Elementary School Renovation

Melvindale High School
Melvindale, Michigan
• At-Risk Classroom
• Auditorium Renovation

Muskegon Public Schools
Muskegon, Michigan
• Art Museum Renovation
• Bluffton School Administration Offices
• Frobel School Wood Shop
• Maintenance Projects at Multiple


Muskegon Public Schools, cont'd
Muskegon, Michigan
• Oakview Lower Elementary Addition
• Stadium Locker Room Renovation
• Steele Jr High Administration Offices
• Steele Jr High Renovation

Northpoint School
Classroom Addition
Southgate, Michigan

South Lake Schools
St. Clair Shores, Michigan
• Fitness Center
• New Administration Building

Walkerville Rural Community High

Gymnasium, Cafeteria, Band Room
and Classroom Addition
Walkerville, Michigan